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Battery Recycling
Easy and cost effective way to recycle all chemistry of batteries


As one of the biggest players on the west coast for recycling lead-acid automotive and sealed lead-acid batteries, we can offer very competitive purchase rates. Batteries are sent through a crusher and separator to recover pure lead  which are remade into new batteries. Call 604-530-9235 for pricing or pick-up. If you have any you may drop off at our location or call for pick-up.

As one of only a handful of companies in Canada that accept and recycle alkaline batteries, the Edmonds Recycling Battery Recycling Program is a breath of fresh air to those concerned about their environment. All of our alkalines are sent to a smelter and materials are separated to capture Zinc and Manganese. Steel casings and other materials produce residual slag which is then sold to make Portland cement.

Ni-Cad \ Ni-Mh
Working with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation, some of our Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are recycled with a percentage of profits going to various Canadian charities. The rest get smelted and the materials reclaimed. 99.99% of Cadmium from Ni-Cad batteries recycled is put back into the industry to make new batteries.

Rechargeable Lithium
Even the volatile lithium can be recycled through us. Lithium-Ion batteries contain cobalt which is reused to make new batteries for cell phones and laptops.

Other Chemistries
Edmonds Recycling recycles every type of battery. Just call!!




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