Industrial Batteries are heavier than most other batteries as they are mainly used to power heavy-duty equipment such as forklifts, mining vehicles, and locomotives to name just a few and can also be found in large-scale backup systems. They typically weigh from 100lbs to more than 5000lbs and Edmonds Recycling accepts them all!

We will pay cash for scrap industrial batteries including:

- Forklift Batteries (Steel Case)

- Industrial Cells

- Locomotive

- Glass Case

- Absolyte

Automotive Batteries

Because of their value and recyclability, Automotive Batteries are one of the most recycled products in the world. In fact close to 99% of all batteries that are sold in North America find their way back to a recycler.

From there they are transported to a smelter where they are crushed and the materials separated to make new batteries. 60-80% of every new battery contains recycled material.

As one of the largest recyclers of lead acid batteries on the west coast, we offer very competitive rates for your old batteries. Whether you havea single battery or a trailer-load, we will accept any quantity.


Stationary batteries are often found in telecom equipment, backup power equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, emergency power, local energy storage,remote relay stations, communication base stations, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), mission critical power applications and more.

And do you know that we recycle ALL of them? That’s right, every type of lead acid battery has value!

Recycle your batteries today!

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